We will be playing with an X-Card on the table. What’s an X-Card, you ask?

An X-Card is a tool that allows anyone in the game (including the GM) to edit out any content anyone is uncomfortable with as we play. Since most RPGs are improvisational and we won’t know what will happen till it happens, it’s possible the game will go in a direction people don’t want. An X-Card is a simple tool to fix problems as they arise.

Basically, if anything makes anyone uncomfortable in any way just lift the card up, or simply tap it. You don’t have to explain why. It doesn’t matter why. When we lift or tap this card, we simply edit out anything X-Carded. And if there is ever an issue, anyone can call for a break and can talk to the GM privately. The concept may seem awkward or silly, but it will help us play amazing games together. Please help make this game fun for everyone.

More on X-Cards here.


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